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How can a black hole suck light when light is massless? Of course, the density of the interstellar medium is so low that "a long enough timescale" is probably absurdly, ridiculously long almost certainly longer than the lifespan of any object in the galaxy. Mathematically, taking out air is equivalent of adding negative air. What is the best way to please a child? We interpret it as an inverse measure of the amount of information that the quantum system in a given state will yield through measurement.

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Separation Science: Suck up an Egg Yolk

Steven Liszewski 31 1. But you will get the wrong answer. If it's water on both sides, roughly half of the water gets in through one side and half through the other side. That might make you feel surprised that there is a force between a black hole our our sun, or any other gravity source and light which indeed has zero rest mass. But you have to get really close. The light travels in straight lines, just like it always does. The bucket is going sideways, but the string is pulling it towards you.

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