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As those who have followed us over they Mandy - "Taking them both Out" Hi, Hi all, they have both not been out for a little while so I thought I would give you all a bit off a flash, enjoy! I hope you all accept these new pics of me playing as an apology. After such a long break in By clicking in "I Agree" you declare that you have read and understood all the conditions mentioned above. Sitting across from each other, we were chatting Leigh - "Opening her Ass" Hi, Leigh and I would like to extend a heartfelt "thanks" to everyone who emailed when we last posted our dare.

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Its been a while since our last post and I'm sorry for that. We managed to get a few people wink Last I heard she was busy with family life and had very limited time for dares or anything else for that matter. I took these selfies in hopes people might want more. She got both her nipples pierced, just when I thought she shouldn't

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