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This is an anime which may be based solely or partly within a school environment. Involves any martial arts related sport, such as tae kwon do and karate. Stand Alone Complex Shotacon, like lolicon but reversed, represents a sexual attraction towards young or underage boys. The protagonists, in the 18 to late 20s range, deal with issues related to college and first jobs, and changing relationships with family and friends.

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Is a 'new adult' genre the step between YA and adult books?

Highschool of the Dead Ghost in the Shell: Some in the book world say the 'new adult' umbrella signals an intermediate step for readers, while others call the category absurd. The anime may sometimes be inspired by modern day knowledge or a far fetched notion. With plot twists and surprises galore, this World War II-era adventure story is a fascinating read, both for the historical details and emotional plot. Feel free to comment whether you found this helpful or tips on improving the list. Sounds like your typical NA novel—except the career is as an Alchemist, an inherited position that involves cleaning up after rampaging blood-thirsty vampires.

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