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So is it wrong and taking advantage by selling shoes to people willing to buy? When buying fetish items at Panty Trust, you can rest assured that our verified used panty sellers have all been vetted and are regularly evaluated to the highest degree of professionalism, we also offer buyers support and mediation services that are unparalleled in the fetish industry. These accounts generally fall into one of two categories: So, in an attempt to get some answers, I did some digging. Within minutes, I had reported both the photo and the account to Instagram, requested the owner take it down immediately via comment and DM, and taken screenshots of the post for proof, lest I be blocked. Have a lovely break from the BDSM activities of your preference, then choose to return and indulge when you are ready. All too often, those in the scene get burned one way or another, through the power exchange relationships that they form.

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Don’t throw out your old shoes – sell them to someone with a foot fetish instead

We have an email address fetish. Rose Carter Written by Rose Carter. I truly hate my kinks, and they are a part of me I will never accept. Members would normally discuss this with their fetish buyer and together select a method that suits both. I believe that while circumstances and experiences can definitely mould a Fetish orientation, certain people are more inclined to be Dominant, switch or submissive even from an innate perspective. Selling panties is something that has always interested me. To believe that a person can not decide to change would mean that that same person could never truly give consent to anything.

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fetish community sales wants
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fetish community sales wants
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