Questions about multiple orgasm

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Maybe your partner is getting tired, or you need to get to sleep because you have to get up early tomorrow. Ifyes then such orgasm differs from clitoral orgasm or not? The ball comes back up the ramp again. All the stats and stories indicate that "normal sex" is not a reliable route to orgasm for most women. For most women that means oral, manual, or both.

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Ultimately, no woman would want to have nonstop orgasms forever.

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Your Top 7 Questions About Multiple Orgasms - Answered!

It's the same for women, who simply tend to have shorter refractory periods which makes them capable of "multiple" orgasms. Can she do it? Anyway, if you can think about whether you want to continue or not, you're already starting to come down off the extreme peak and you can choose whether to stop or not, for any of a variety of reasons. It actually happens to some women and it's horrible. How do I know whether a girl is satisfied in bed? Multiple Orgasms for Women.

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questions about multiple orgasm
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questions about multiple orgasm
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