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But as usual things in India are shoot first, ask questions later. I kinda see where they are coming from too, in their context. The goal is ambitious: So that's why people don't use them. When I go backpacking it's the only option and I'd certainly rather take care of business in the beautiful outdoors with fresh air. Apparently their long legs allow them to hold the spider like a sort of cradle, or something similar.

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As a result there's a big void.

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TIL that more people in Ethiopia shit out in the open than live in my entire country Canada. Read the article or check the World Health Organization directly for details. Secondly, do not underestimate the power of local short-sighted politics in Indian villages. Upper caste people don't really want to make themselves impure by handling human waste. My parents bought a house and didn't notice there was no toilet in bathroom until the day we moved in.

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indian village woman shitting outside images
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indian village woman shitting outside images
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