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I enjoy having my feet kissed and fondled, but what can I do to really excite him? However, recent research indicates that we both produce and can detect such substances, and that these substances can alter our physiology and behavior as dramatically as similar compounds alter that of animals. Perhaps dogs who scratch after they mark use this behavior the same way we might use a wink or threatening gesture following a blustery outburst: Lick my sweaty feet! Consequently, scientists denied that we produced pheromones and also that we possessed the necessary physical apparatus to detect them. First, the fact that many dogs resist others handling their paws indicates that dogs take a protective view toward this part of their anatomy. Dirty feet - dirty feet to wank!

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Traditionally the conventional wisdom said that dogs chewed shoes because the leather elicited memories of a time in their wild past when they teethed on the hide remnants of their prey.

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Do you want to lick these feet ?

Lick the mud from my feet, slave! Many species secrete pheromones from glands in their feet which they use to mark their territories as well as to find their way. Order by newest oldest recommendations. No scientific studies of canine foot fetishes exist, but what we know about canine behavior and the human-canine bond suggests that both answers may possess an element of truth. I enjoy having my feet kissed and fondled, but what can I do to really excite him?

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lick these toes
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