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Your penis Now, an average penis can be manipulated to geel larger, and actually give the best sex compared to a larger penis. If given the chance, would a woman always prefer a bigger penis over a smaller one? I kept asking him to ease up and not enter me all the way, and he kept getting over-enthusiastic…I still wonder what the best compromise would have been, since taking all of him was too much for me, but stopping short was not enough for him. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. But not too big! All women during the orgasm their brain release hormon called Oxytocin, which make then, they feel love to Man have strong bond, which cause physical penetration with thick and big cock, they also have this with average penis, but not that powerful like whith big one. But I still feel penis size matters little only.

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Size helps but skills matter, so you still have to know how to use it. Some like big dicks some times but not others. Really, if you are curious if they like them, ask. Even when you have a very considerate partner and my experience has been that men with long penises are very considerate out of necessity if nothing elselots of lube and warming up, you both hold back a bit, because getting your cervix bruised hurts like hell. Even then, all females crave a larger penis. This answer, since it is the truth, and people don't really want to hear the truth, will get no upvotes. Laziest fucking lay in the world.

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