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After doing this she dropped the sponge, a hunger in her big brown eyes. She kept her eyes pointed down, admiring the glistening coating of slobber that she had left behind. She would move down my long shaft slightly, then lick all the way back to the tip of my shaft, letting her tongue caress my shaft entirely. This is my first ever story so please be constructive with any criticism. Her tongue easily slid up her swampy, damp entrance. Mila started to tease her clit as my tongue went back to ravishing her tender pussy.

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Mila reached down and raced her fingers against her pulsating clit, adding to the pleasure that she was feeling.

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The moment did happen and Jimmy's cock erupted in white lava. And then suddenly in the distance, I saw this beautiful young island beauty. Natalie drew his member to her lips and allowed it to slide in. It sickened him to see her with another man. Next door, a silver BMW pulled up in front of the actress's house. I have come to the point of true sexual heaven with Mila, this exotic beauty. I did this for a few minutes, admiring the soap as it ran over her firm buttocks and down the back of her just as tempting stems.

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mila kunis sex story
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